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We are Thrifty Mum and Thrifty Dad, parents to three lovely children (and three guinea pigs). They (the kids, not the guinea pigs) haven’t really opted in to this so to protect the innocent we won’t name them here but referring to them from time-to-time is going to be useful.

On these pages we’ll talk about:

  • H: son number 1 who is 10 years old
  • J: son number 2 who’s 8 and
  • C: our daughter who is 6.

We live in a village near Cambridge and are a fairly average middle-class family with the usual money worries.

As a result we are always trying to find ways to make our money last longer, get the best deals, entertain our kids on the cheap and generally trying to ensure we have some pennies left over at the end of the month.

We realised that over the years we have done a ton of research into parenting issues and money-saving ideas – everything from which classic books to read to our kids to where to eat out when your kid has an allergy – and thought that it’d be great to share all that hard work in a handy blog and website so you can save time (another scarce resource!) and benefit from our tips and advice.

All the opinions we share are based on what we truly think and we only recommend products or places we have actually tried and liked.

We have included some affiliate links to products we like so if you click on them and buy anything a small percentage goes to us.

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