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10 of the Coolest Matching Parent and Child Clothing Sets

I only recently discovered matching parent and child clothing was a thing… and now I am obsessed!

Not on the High Street stock a whole range of options for matching mother and daughter outfits, matching father and son t-shirts and even whole family matching outfits. You can mix and match most of the options to make any family combination required.

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I think mini-me outfits make such a great gift for parents and are a really fun way of showing the world that you are a family. Below are ten of the best matching parent and child outfits:

Personalised Mummy/Daddy Bear and Baby Bear Sweatshirt

Photo of family wearing matching sweatshirts

This gorgeous sweatshirt set is based on a lovely cuddly bear design. You can choose which parent (or pick both!) to match with your baby bear and then add personalised names too.

As you can see in the photo here, we’ve got “Tilly Bear” with her “Daddy Bear” and “Mummy Bear”. Too cute!

There is also an option to choose a baby sleep-suit for little ones. One of the nice things about this matching set is that each sweatshirt works in isolation too, so you’ll be able to wear your jumper even when you aren’t with your family.

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Team ‘Surname’ Family T-Shirt

Photo of t-shirts with 'team brookes' written on them

This cool set means that all the family can be involved in the matching outfit fun! You can get adult and children’s t-shirts or a babygro personalised with your family surname.

These t-shirts would be especially cute to wear for a sports event so everyone can see you come as a team!

This matching set would also allow you to involve grandparents and siblings too so it would make a great gift for a family reunion or as part of a wedding celebration.

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Copy and Paste matching Father and Son T-shirt

Copy and Paste matching father and son t-shirt

Everyone knows a family where one of the children is the spitting image of their parent, if that’s you then this is the perfect gift for that lookalike pair – Ctrl C (copy) and Ctrl V (paste) your matching outfits! This would make the perfect personalised gift for daddy from baby.

You can choose the colour and size of the matching t-shirts and you can also get it as a babygro for the very small mini-me.

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‘original’ and ‘remix’ father and son matching t-shirt

'Original' and 'remix' matching father and son t-shirt

These matching father-son or father-daughter t-shirts are ideal for music-loving parents! You can choose the colour of your shirt too. I guess the only question is, which is better the original or the remix?

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Team ‘Surname’ Hoodie set

Team 'surname' matching hoodie set

Make sure everyone knows who’s the daddy with these matching father and son (or mother and daughter or father and daughter or mother and son…you get the picture!) hoodies.

Personalise the hoodies with your family surname and wear your name with pride!

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Matching personalised year of birth t-shirts

Matching year of birth t-shirts

These matching t-shirts are great as they are a bit more subtle but still show the family link.

They would make an especially good birthday present for a dad from their son or daughter as the year of birth is the theme.

For those adults who might be a bit touchy about their advancing years, you could always knock a few years off their ‘year of birth’ to make them feel better!

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Personalised Daddy and child t-shirts

Matching personalised Daddy and child t-shirt set

These matching t-shirts would make a great Fathers’ Day gift as the t-shirts are all about celebrating the role of Daddy!

You could get matching t-shirts for each of your children to make a great impact on any father’s day – be it their birthday, Christmas or whenever!

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Personalised ‘big gamer’ and ‘little gamer’ t-shirt

Personalised big gamer and little gamer t-shirt set

This t-shirt set is great if your loved ones are into gaming and make a great gift for dad from daughter or son (or both!).

You can get the shirts in any number of colours and sizes and you can personalise them with your names (or nicknames) too.

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Matching ‘pint’ and ‘half-pint’ t-shirts

Matching 'pint' and 'half-pint' t-shirt set

This is another matching t-shirt set which is a bit more subtle and should be fun watching friends and family slowly work it out as they see you walk in together.

You can select lots of different colour combinations and the child t-shirt sizes go up to age 10.

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Beer and milk monster father and baby t-shirt set

Matching beer and milk monster father and baby t-shirt set

This would make a great gift for a new dad with a beer monster t-shirt for him and a milk monster babygro for their little one. Alternatively this matching t-shirt and babygro set would make a really nice gift for daddy from baby, sharing their favourite drinks together!

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Whichever of the above you choose for your parent pairing Not on the High Street have a whole world of personalised gifts – do check them out. Not only are they lovely (and affordable) but it’s a great way to support smaller, boutique independent creators (rather than the same mega-brands).

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