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10 of the Best Subscription Gifts

What nicer gift is there than one that just keeps on coming?

Subscription gifts are ideal because the recipient gets another present through their door (usually once a month) be it socks, seeds, a book or a beauty product.

This is an area which has really boomed recently and now you can get just about anything you can imagine as a subscription. It’s such a nice way to let your loved one know you are thinking of them throughout the year!

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a selection of the best subscription gifts

Book Subscription Gift

Gift subscription book wrapped in tissue paper


I absolutely love this idea! You tell the company about the sort of books you enjoy and every month they select a special book for you and it arrives beautifully gift wrapped.

It is such a fun way to expand your reading and try out different authors and genres, definitely the perfect gift for book lovers everywhere!

You can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months and best of all for every book subscription sold they donate a book to the charity Book Aid International.

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You can also buy a book subscription for the toddler in your life to keep them topped up with picture book goodness:

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Sock Subscription

Box of socks

I know it is a cliché to buy the man in your life socks, but actually it’s a real pleasure and a luxury to open up a nice new pair of socks.

Sometimes the best presents are just giving someone something useful but beautiful. This sock subscription would actually make a lovely gift for your dad, ensuring he had fresh and fancy socks for the whole year.

This deal from the London Sock Exchange (who should be applauded for their excellent punning work) means your chosen recipient gets a lovely box of with three pairs of socks in every three months.

Again, you can choose the length of your subscription/size of your budget: a 6 month subscription (2x 3 pairs of socks, sent every 3 months) is £40 – so about £6.60 per pair; 9 months (3x 3 pairs, sent every 3 months) is £58, so about £6.40 per pair; and a 12 month subscription (4x 3 pairs of socks, sent every 3 months) is £74, dropping the average price to about £6.10 per pair.

Given these are high quality hosiery and they arrive beautifully packaged (with all the pricing details discretely removed, of course!), with styling notes and all in a box which fits through the letterbox (no annoying signing for packages, or trips to the post office!).

What’s more you can then send back some of your many old socks in the same box and the London Sock Exchange will recycle them for you, so you get to feel all ethical too!

If you’re trying to encourage a loved one to ditch their worn out, snaggled old socks what better way to encourage them to update their foot wardrobe a bit?

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Food Box Subscription

Box of food

If you have that friend or family member who loves showing off their broad, cosmopolitan, well-travelled food tastes and palate – this is the subscription box for them.

It’s the perfect gift for that person in your life who likes trying new foods, tastes and flavours.

This subscription food box by Degusta arrives every month and contains 10 to 15 tasty food or drink items all of which are new to the market!

Each box costs £12.99 a month (£38.97) for 3 months; or £11.99 a month for 6 months (£71.94) – making it a great way to explore new foods and drinks. And if it’s someone close to you, you may get to try a few too!

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Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscription box

Coffee lovers rejoice because we have finally found the best gift for you or the bean fiend in your life.

If you know someone who likes their coffee ‘just so’ this is the one for them.

This coffee subscription from The Coffee Factory, who source the beans from independent farmers from around the world and roast the beans at their own roastery in Devon, is a great way to try new coffee blends.

Each month you will receive two different packs of specially selected freshly roasted coffee, each of which comes with an information card about the product – so the ‘java-junkie’ in your life can really nerd out on all the details.

You can choose if you want to receive beans or pre-ground coffee and even how finely you’d like it ground (if you’re not the coffee geek in your house, be sure to casually check whether your caffeinated companion uses a cafetiere, filter aeropress or stove-top etc.). Trust us, these details will be important to them!

3 months subscription (£29)

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6 months subscription (£58)

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Monthly Steak

Steak subscription box

This is a truly original gift for foodies – two prime quality steaks through your letterbox every month!

This subscription will deliver a really special treat for the recipient every month with two top quality steaks turning up, wrapped in ice so they stay super fresh.

The cut of the steaks are different each month: for example rib-eye, sirloin, fillet, but they are always from 100% British beef (from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus, Galloway or Highland cattle) – so this is also a great way to support British farms and farmers too.

What a terrific gift for the carnivore couple though – the perfect centre piece to a delicious meal, every month. What a treat!

A 3 month subscription costs £70 – so you know they’re not messing around, this is premium beef. There’s a six month option too, for £140 for the real meat fiend.

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Beer Subscription

A selection of beers from Beer52 - the beer subscription gift box

You know what the first rule of beer club is? We don’t talk about beer club.

Not really, you can talk about it.

This would make a wonderful present for your husband or father or any beer lover in your life!

Looking for Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas?

There are lots of different versions of this gift available but we like this one by the brilliantly pun-tastic Beer52 because each month you (sorry, the recipient) get eight small batch craft beers sourced from British microbreweries and around the world, complete with tasting notes!

It would be really fun to have your friends over each month to try the new beers… or just keep them to yourself.

To be clear, what you’re buying here is a gift card which the recipient can then redeem, choosing the case or styles they like and arrange delivery times which suit them.

3 months subscription – 8 beers a month (£69)

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6 months subscription – 8 beers a month (£132)

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12 months subscription – 8 beers a month (£252)

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Craft Kit Subscription

Craft kit

Know someone who loves nothing better than getting stuck into a new craft project? Then this could be the gift for them.

This craft kit subscription box by Craftiosity sends a box containing a new craft project each month with easy-to-follow instructions plus everything you need to complete it.

Examples include: lino cutting, basketry or Japanese shibori dyeing (no… us neither, so we looked it up, here you go).

This could be a really lovely gift to help get someone you love get back into crafting or to help someone to discover a whole new passion.

Again, varying subscription lengths are available (1 month, 3 months or 6 months) – priced at around £26 per month (e.g. a 3 month subscription is £76.85).

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Children’s Science Kit Subscription Box

Science kit

This lovely letterbox sized subscription box is a great choice for curious children.

Each month your child will receive a box with 3 to 4 exciting science experiments within.

Each experiment has all the equipment required included in the box and they all come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Just imagine the excitement as this fun box plops through the letterbox each month packed with some more experiments for your budding scientists.

Each kit is only £12 a month and with 3, 6 and 12 month options available prices are £36, £72 or £108.

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Seed Subscription

Seed subscription

Gardeners gather here!

This is such a lovely gift for green-fingered friends and family.

Each month a different packet of British wildflower seeds are delivered alongside fact cards and accessories. Sow the seeds and soon your garden will be bursting with flowers, insects and bees.

There are some economies of scale to be had here with the duration of the subscription you choose.

A 3 month subscription is £34.99 (so about £11.60 per box); 6 months is £59.99 (so £9.99 per box); and 12 months is £89.99 (so less than £7.50 per box).

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Spa Beauty Product Subscription

Spa product subscription box

Really pamper your loved one with a beauty product subscription.

This box by Marigold Charms arrives every month with three organic handmade bath and body products. The products came wrapped in muslin and what’s extra lovely is that you can specify a personalised message to be delivered with each beauty box.

There are three different fragrances to choose from: sandalwood & clary sage, sandalwood and bergamot or vetiver. You effectively choose which order the recipient receives them in over three months.

At £45 – that’s £15 per month to thoroughly spoil someone you love – and have them remember it for all three months. A bargain.

Each month they’ll receive bath salts, solid moisturiser and a scented candle… an indulgent evening in the bathroom all in one go!

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