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10 Best Spooky Kids’ Books for Halloween

Some kids just love getting creeped out and what better way to get in the Halloween spirit (boom, boom) than sharing a spooky book together!

Getting kids into (and enjoying) reading is really important for their education — so if they’re into all things spooky and gory Halloween-themed books could be a great way to encourage your kids to read more.

When researching this piece we found that The Book People were actually cheaper on a number of titles — so we thoroughly recommend checking out both them and Amazon to get the best bargain (as prices do fluctuate). Where we haven’t listed The Book People that title isn’t available with them.

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Best Children’s Halloween Books

Halloween Books For Toddlers & Babies

That’s Not My Monster — by Fiona Watt

This bright and tactile book to read with your baby is full of friendly-looking monsters.

This series is great as the idea is so simple – pictures of different monsters each with a distinctive feature, such as fluffy eyebrows or shiny teeth which your child can touch.

Kids will love the familiar phrase ‘That’s Not My…’ and will enjoy reading it again and again.

Boo! — By Leslie Patricelli

Lovely board book to introduce your child to Halloween traditions such as carving pumpkins, getting dressed up and going trick or treating.

Best Halloween Books for Pre-Schoolers

Meg and Mog — by Helen Nicoll & Jan Pienkowski

My kids have always been fans of the irreverent adventures of Meg, Mog and Owl.

There a plenty in the series to keep kids interested but why not start at the beginning with the classic board book (a lot more hard-wearing in slightly clumsy young fingers) of ‘Meg & Mog’ which introduces kids to the hapless witch Meg and her sardonic cat, Mog.

Funnybones — by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

These funny skeletons will make your kids laugh rather than cower behind the sofa. The illustrations are bright and engaging and the story will amuse both you and your kids.

Best Halloween book for 5–8 year olds

How to Make Friends with a Ghost — by Rebecca Green

This beautifully illustrated book is a perfect way to talk about ghosts if your child is scared of the dark.

In this story ghosts are friendly and the author reveals lots of tips on how to become friends with a ghost from offering them a tasty earwax truffle to reading them a bedtime story.

Daisy and the Trouble with Vampires — by Kes Gray

This Halloween themed addition to the Daisy Series is great fun! Daisy is going trick or treating for the first time armed only with some silly string and accompanied by a vampire, what could go wrong? The sweet and funny illustrations by Nick Sharratt ensures this tale stays on the fun side of Halloween scariness.

Best Halloween books for 9–12 year olds

Stay out of the Basement (Goosebumps) — by R. L. Stine

This series has been running for over 25 years scaring children witless and celebrating all things spine-tingling.

If your kid likes to feel spooked then these books are great, especially as they page-turners which ensures your kid will want to read right to the end to find out what happens!

Stay Out of the Basement is a good one to get them started on.

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish — by Mo O’Hara

If your child likes their scares to go hand in hand with some laughs then this is the book for them.

Find out what happens when you bring your pet goldfish back to life with a battery and discover they have mad hypnotic powers.

Follow Tom and his zombie goldfish as they attempt to thwart the plans of his evil scientist big brother.

Best Halloween Books For Teens

Diary of Wimpy Vampire — by Tim Collins

Based on the hugely successful Diary of a Wimpy Kid series this hilarious book is written in the form of a diary by poor 15 year old Nigel who was transformed into a vampire during his teens and is destined to stay that awkward age forever.

Dracula — by Bram Stoker

This classic Gothic tale of good versus evil is an accessible way for teens to get into Victorian fiction.

The dark story is chilling but not graphic, with many strands unravelling into a gripping mystery.

So much of our modern idea about vampires and horror came from this classic book that it is an essential read for any budding student of English Literature.

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